An Ordinary Tradition

QMCake11Many Sea Scout Ships have their own traditions when a Sea Scout advances in rank.

One tradition at a Bridge of Honor is having a cake with the Quartermaster Award for a Sea Scout who has earned the highest rank in Sea Scouts.

Earning the rank of Ordinary is often the most difficult for a Sea Scout, because of the amout of information they must learn.

One tradition in recognizing a Sea Scout who has earned Ordinary is giving them a set of Liberty Cuffs.

Liberty Cuffs are a tradition from the US Navy. Two artistic patches sown in on the inside cuffs of the enlisted Dress Blues. They remain hidden until the sailor is on “liberty,” when the sleeves can be unbuttoned and folded up (as Dress White cuffs do not have buttons, Liberty Cuffs are not worn on Dress Whites). There are many classic designs, such as ships, dragons or the timeless “Deck Ape” or King Neptune.

LibertyCuffs_Submarine_8232There are many other traditions to recognize a Sea Scout for advancing in rank. However, it is extremely important to remember the old Davy Shellback quote on advancement from the 1940 Sea Scout Manual: “Tis not the badges that you are earning, but the knowledge that you are learning, that will comfort and tide ye when old Neptune starts a turning.”

Advancement is far more then simply earning a badge. We recognize a Sea Scout for their the hard work and knowledge they have learned.  More importantly, it is that knowledge that can save a life in an emergency at sea.LibertyCuffs_Neptune_8232


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