Goals of Sea Scout Advancement

Sea Scout Advancement is the foundation of a Sea Scout Ship. Advancement provides opportunities for hands-on activities and intellectual challenges. However, it also requires Sea Scout volunteers to be creative in teaching Sea Scout requirements.

Take Marlinespike Seamanship for example. The Apprentice requirement includes the following knots: Overhand; Square Knot; Figure Eight; Bowline; Two Half-Hitches; Clove Hitch; Sheet Bend; and Cleat Hitch.

Sea Scouts can learn and have their knot tying skills re-enforced while underway to put the knots to use in practice. Knot boards can be made and used at weekly meetings;  Sea Scouts can be given a piece of line for practice during down time; Ships can conduct competitive quizzes on using knots; A ship can establish records based on time for friendly competition.


Sea Scout also learn Rules of the Road using models or toy boats. The use of models is a great way to visually break down the Navigation Rules. Sea Scouts can see the Rules in practice from crossing, overtaking and understanding right of way.

There are many ways to teach Sea Scout Advancement. Sea Scout leaders should never to afraid to be creative and find innovative ways to teach Sea Scouts how to be safe mariners.


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