What Goes into a Flagship Application?

The SSS Makai, the 2013 BoatUS National Flagship.
The SSS Makai, the 2013 BoatUS National Flagship.

I encourage all Sea Scout Ships to apply for the BoatUS National Flagship Award. The due date is traditionally at the end of March. The updated application will be posted on http://www.seascout.org. Here are tips on submitting an application:

Make it alive. The National Flagship application is based on the Journey to Excellence and celebrates program activity. It should have photos, news articles, press releases, blog posts and anything else showing Sea Scouts in action. This should be submitted as a bundled PDF.
Videos should be in MP4 or .Mov format.
The Sea Scouts should offer testimonials and be directly involved in submitting an application. Log entries from cruises are strongly encouraged.

The flagship application incorporates both the Journey to Excellence and celebrates a Ship’s program. Sea Scout Ships should highlight all of their events over the past year, service projects, advancement and time on the water. There is no requirement that your Ship had a Scout earn Quartermaster in the past year (it certainly does help). The application focuses on your program and activities.

The committee members reviewing the applications are all across the United States.  Sending a printed application requires a professional at National to scan everything. Submitting one hard copy of the application for the National records, followed by a DVD with a PDF copy of the application and any video in MP4 or .MOV format makes disseminating the material easier to the committee.

If you decide to include a printed copy of your report, print on-demand services such as Blurb.com or Lulu.com offer awesome ways to document your activities. Ships can prepare a written presentation of their accomplishments that can be purchased by families. Many of these services also offer eBook versions as well.

Sea Scout Ships in the distant past had amazing logbooks for flagship applications. Print on demand services could allow ships to have similar logbooks that can be shared with an entire crew.

The cover of the logbook from the SSS Porpoise from Boston. The Porpoise was the 1936 Regional Flagship on the East Coast. The cover to the logbook included a local chart and piloting equipment.

All applications from the Western Region will automatically be entered for the new Western Region Flagship Award & Fleet. The Western Regional Flagship will be presented on July 26, 2014 on the USS Iowa at the Western Region Bridge of Honor.

We have 129 Sea Scout Ships in the Western Region. I personally would like to see at least 20 applications from our Region for the BoatUS National Flagship Award and Western Region Flagship. We have outstanding program here in the Western Region. I encourage all of you to apply.

Good luck!

Fair winds,
Joshua Gilliland
Western Region Sea Scout Commodore


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