2013 in Review for the Sea Scout Ship Albatross

2013 for the Sea Scout Ship Albatross was a big year for the ship, and began with a major haul out amidst regatta practice. Scouts were driven to Bethel Island every weekend to work on the new boat, a sixty-five foot yacht donated to the ship.

boat in haul outThe haul out took many months but the reward was worth the work. The yacht was quickly transformed from a luxury boat into a full-fledged Scout boat, complete with a flying bridge, a well working galley and ridiculously comfortable couches.

“It’s nice,” states Makayla Ferrari, a boatswain’s mate off of the Albatross. “It’s a lot more accommodating than the old boat was. We’re really lucky to have it, it’s a beautiful boat.”

Needless to say, the officers were just exited as the Scouts, and everyone adjusted to the change and embraced the new chore: vacuuming the carpets.

As a ship that competes annually in regattas, the Albatross participated in the Old Salts Regatta, the Ancient Mariner’s Regatta (AMR), and even hosted their own at their home base in Martinez: The Sea Farer’s Regatta.

Sea FarersNot only did the Albatross place highly in many events in each regatta,  but they were placed into the dingy race at their home regatta and both drill off and the whaleboat race at AMR. A lot of heart was given by the crew, and it showed as the unit cried for joy at the end of the season while holding up the clipper award that they earned at AMR.

In June the ship raised money for and participated in the Relay for Life, assisting in raising cancer awareness and money for the cause. During the day, members of the relay walk a track and attempt to complete as many laps as they can, because the more laps done, the more the organization is supported. At the very end of the relay, bag lanterns are lit to commemorate those with cancer.”The environment was really laid back,” says Erik Richards, one of the crew leaders aboard the Albatross.

“Everyone was nice  and there for a common cause,”. The sense of community within the event was strong, as everyone was passionate about why they were there.

Relay for life

In mid August the crew embarked on a ten day adventure along the delta and Sacramento river, determined to have fun, Albatross style. With various stops at places like old town Sacramento, Windmill Cove, and West Gate, the crew had an incredible time driving two-strokes (the ‘tross calls them “putt-putts”), cruising, and eating pizza laced with hot sauce. Ken Shupe took Scouts out on inner-tubes on the delta for some fast-paced excitement. A few crew members achieved their mile-swim patches and some completed the training to receive the life-saving merit badge. The trip was ended with just as many sunburns as smiles.

Summer cruise group row boat

When Napa Mini rolled around, the Albatross was exited to participate in regatta practice at the Chaser base and to be involved in the bridge and ball at the end of the night. One of the junior officers of the Albatross, Catherine (Cat) Murphy-Bevan, was awarded with the rank of Able.

“I felt grateful to all the people who helped me get there. and skipper, who wouldn’t let me quit,” stated Cat, explaining her feelings about the event, “And, a lot of pressure and motivation to be the Albatross’s first female qm (quartermaster) after getting it (her rank of able),”.

After the bridge came to a close, the ships changed into their formal clothes and danced for the rest of the night, while frequently complimenting Hope Gorman, the newest Quartermaster in the fleet.

2013 proved to be another full year for the Sea Scout Ship Albatross. Beginning with a haul-out and ending with a recharter, the ship worked their tail feathers off once again to provide the best program possible for the kids; and it showed true, as nine sea scouts aged out to become nine fully capable junior officers enriched with the moral values of scouting.

When Nate Garret, one of the new Junior Officers, was asked how scouts has effected him as a person, he replied with, “Through out the years in scouts I went from being shy, quiet and weak to a strong leader, what seems like everybody’s big brother, and a sense of hard workmanship!” When personally knowing all of these young adults, it is easy to see how scouts has shaped them in such a remarkable way.

off to summer cruise

The Sea Scout Ship Albatross strives to continue this pattern of strength and leadership training as they end an incredible year, and begin a new one.


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