ILSS and Parade of Lights with S.S.S. Heatwave

In the past month, our ship, the S.S.S. Heatwave, has been quite busy.


Our ship’s last Introduction to Leadership Skills for Ship Training (ILSS) was October 2012. We needed to do another one for our new members. We then found out that there is a new ship in the Las Vegas Area Council. When our ship first started, we didn’t know how to start. We figured we could help them like other ships helped us.


We held our leadership training at the London Bridge Resort. We started on a Saturday and finished up the following day. Two youth, Jacob and Lotario, and two leaders from Ship 37 came down from Henderson, Nevada. Three youth, Alex, Joey, and myself (Jane), and two leaders came from our ship, Ship 450.


We did a two day training which included making boats out of cardboard, duct tape, and trash bags. We had an hour to create our rafts. Alex and Jacob made a barge which floated, while the boat that Lotario, Joey, and I made sank.


We then went for pizza.  After that, we went swimming and went to sleep.


The next morning, we finished our training and then went swimming again. We also showed them how to do a land ship. We were sad to see our new friends go, but we know that we will be reunited again.


One of the most exciting events around this time of year in Lake Havasu City is the Parade of Lights. It’s an event where many boats decorate their vessels with Christmas lights, gather on the lake, and go through the Bridgewater Channel and underneath the London Bridge.


This year, the event was for two days instead of one on December 6th and 7th and started after it got dark. On the second night, the boats were judged based on creativity/presentation.

This year, we were able to decorate our newly donated 25 foot MacGregor sailboat with lights and enter the competition with some other sailboats.

The sailboats tied up to each other and the one in the front tows the rest of the boats. The event went really well and had an excellent turn out.


This morning, we posted the colors at the banquet where the winners of the Parade of Lights were announced. After we posted the colors, we had brunch with them and helped pulled raffle tickets. After that, the winning boats were announced. This year, the award for Best Family/Individual boat was given to the sailboats. It was a wonderful surprise. We are keeping the award and we plan to hang this award in our sailboat.


This month we have our “Christmakuh” party to wrap up the year. At the beginning of 2014, we are going to rename our sailboat SSS Heatwave. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Ship 450


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