Island Adventure

By Kimberly Livers SDIC VOA President

IslandAdventure4On the sands of Fiesta Island sounds of laughter and fun echoed from the Youth Aquatic Center where over two hundred scouts participated in three days of non-stop excitement.  On October 4-6 the San Diego Imperial Council Venturing Officers Association (VOA) hosted Island Adventure for yet another year.

After a years’ worth of planning from both Youth Shelby Gererazzo and Advisor Roashelle Rose who devoted much of their time and energy to ensure the success of this annual event, it was a hit amongst youth and adults alike.

According to Generazzo Island adventure has been completely revamped. “It is meant to be a weekend of fun. No longer will we be having classes in the morning to teach skills instead we replaced the classes with rotations of games, a bounce house obstacle course and  a Velcro wall. We want Island Adventure to be fun and extremely hands on,” said Gererazzo. This major change in activities was a huge success amongst the youth that attended Island adventure.

Island Adventure gave Ventures, Sea Scouts, and Boy Scouts from San Diego Imperial Council, Imperial and Long Beach to come together, socialize, and make new friends. This was the very first time that scouts from outside of San Diego Imperial Council traveled to Fiesta Island to take part in the SDIC event. Island Adventure is truly a unique social opportunity where scouts can meet new people and make new connections within the scouting world.

IslandAdventure3The VOA  was fortunate to be assisted by Ship 1886 who ran the water front. At the event the ship patrolled and acted as lifeguards and leaders. The sea scouts had the opportunity to teach Ventures how to sail catamarans as well as proper water safety practices.

The ship was able to help and  give those who participated the opportunity to use kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, wind surfing boards, and catamarans on the waterfront throughout the day.

According to Generazzo, “It was hectic and at some points stressful. But the experience has helped me to learn more about leadership and I’m so glad I had the chance to use the skills I learned at NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training).” Overall the weekend was very successful and entertaining for all who attended.


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