SSS Albatross Pirate’s Regatta 2013

On November 4th, 2013, The Sea Scout Ship Albatross hosted their 4th annual Pirate’s Regatta complete with eye-patches, gold coins, regatta practice, and plenty of shenanigans.The Albatross sea base was decorated with plenty of skulls, ghosts, and tombstones to set the mood for the day to come.   Below: an intense game of “codes with friends”

PirateRegatta_5396The regatta was kicked off by Karen Murphy, a dedicated scout mom and event coordinator, as she stated that the crews present were to be divided into teams consisting of members from both the SSS Albatross and the Sea Scout Ship Makai. Four teams were created, all with an Albatross Junior Officer at the head. Ms. Murphy then explained that each new team was to move from event to event in a sequence, which began at the event named, “swim with the fishies.”

Swim with the fishies is always one of the most enjoyed events at the Pirate Regatta due to the fact that it requires a crew member to don swimming goggles and stick their face into a pie tin full of blue cool-whip. The goal is to find roughly ten (the number is subject to change every year) Swedish Fish candies within the filled tin, remove them with your mouth, and release the fishies into a small fish bowl placed beside the tin. Another factor of this event is one simple thing, which is explained by the following equation:

goggles + scout x cool-whip = virtual blindness.

So, as one can imagine, the scout attempting to find these fish and spit them out into the fish bowl cannot see where anything is, so the solution is often to find the pie tin or the fishbowl with one’s face. It’s very fun to be involved in, but in some ways it’s even more fun to just watch.

After the cleanup of this event, there was the rubber ducky race in which pirate-themed rubber duckies are placed in closed gutters filled with water and are pushed to the other end of the gutter in a relay fashion via squirt guns.

Typically this event ends in a water fight, which is always welcomed.

Teams are cycled through a few usual regatta events such as rope climb, bosun’s chair, and compass after the rubber ducky race.

Below: Julia C. (muffs) of the Albatross rides the zipline of Breechers’

PirateRegatta_5399When all the teams complete these events, a large bucket-brigade relay is launched where the teams race against the clock to move water from one bucket to the next; only they use coconuts to transport the water, to keep within the islander-pirate theme. The day was ended by an Albatross spin-off game of “Words With Friends,” using wooden tiles colored to look like code flags, and a much anticipated breeches buoy run.

What was anticipated more than the breeches buoy run,  however, was the dinner awaiting the ridiculously hungry Sea Scouts.

The dinner was a classic albatross feast of tri-tip, potato salad, and brownies seeming to go on for days. After the dinner was the pirate dance, Dj’d by a crew leader off of the hosting scout ship. The scouts danced the night away in the ‘tross garage (which was decorated to resemble an underwater reef full of pirate treasure and colorful fish). Outside a bonfire was lit for all of those born with two left feet. But, no matter the place, all scouts concluded the night with laughs and smiles.

All in all, the Sea Scout Ship Albatross pirate regatta was a blast for both youth and adult members, and the Albatross continues to welcome any ship to the day of practice and fun every year.PirateRegatta_5405

Above: Julia being caught by Erik R. of the Albatross

(The zipline went faster than she anticipated)


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