aside Hello from the Heatwave

Hi. I’m Jane from Ship 450 in Arizona. Our ship’s name is S.S.S. Heatwave. If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you would understand why.

We are one of two ships in the Las Vegas Area Council. We have six active scouts, five high school sophomores and one senior.  We have been in existence since December 2011.

Alex, Miranda, Vaneza, Jane and Joey after their first land ship.

So far we have participated in a long cruise through the Channel Islands with the S.S.S. Conquest from California; went to our council’s Mega Expo; won our council’s Ultimate Venturing Challenge our first time and went to many other events.

Our Ship is very close. Vaneza, Alex, and Miranda have all participated in our high school’s marching band. I have been friends with Alex since Kindergarten. I was in Girl Scouts with Miranda. Alex has been close friends with Vaneza and Joey for a long time. Zach, Joey, Alex, and I make videos together all the time. Vaneza, Joey, Alex, and I all went to Yosemite National Park this past summer. With a lot of persistence, I convinced them to join me and Miranda in our ship.

I would like you to meet our great diverse crew:

Alex is in our marching band’s color guard. She wants to be a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. She is our ship’s Yeoman.

Vaneza plays clarinet in our schools marching band. She is willing to try anything. She won’t say no to a challenge. She joined about 2-3 months ago.

Zach is in our school’s drama club and advanced acting class. He also does some great voices impressions. He joined our ship last month.  

Miranda plays trumpet. She also was a lifeguard at our town’s aquatic center. She is our ship’s Boatswain and was one of our first members.

Joey plays violin, piano, clarinet, some guitar, and is learning how to play even more instruments. She recently took up golf and had perfect attendance in school last year. She is our Purser.

I am on my school’s yearbook staff and I am on the board of my school’s Renaissance program and Studio Club. I am also an independent in Girl Scouting and I volunteer with a non-profit in our town at a youth center. I am the ship’s Boatswains Mate of Administration.

We recently received a 25ft MacGregor sailboat. This vessel will be named S.S.S. Heatwave. We washed it, waxed it, slept in it, and eventually got it into the water. I think it is still floating.

We had a lot of fun working on it. Alex, Joey, and I slept in it for two days while it was on the trailer in Alex’s front yard, so it has a cabin suitable for sleeping if you have an extension cord, two laptops, lots of food, and a restroom facility less than 30 seconds away. We are very grateful for our new boat because it was a donation and came in good condition. We are excited for the adventures we will have with our new Ship.

Vaneza, Zach, Jane and Joey after a meeting.

That is a little introduction to our crazy Ship. If you actually meet us, I guarantee that you will think we are crazy, but we are one big happy, crazy Sea Scout family that I am grateful of. Oh yes, it is the month of Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I get to participate in Sea Scouts with some of my closest friends. We may get mad at each other occasionally, but if we were stranded in the middle of the ocean in a life raft, I would rather be with them than a Bengal tiger. I hope everyone is as thankful for their Sea Scout Ship as I am.


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