Aloha Sea Scouts!

Aloha Sea Scouts!
S.S.S. Decisive here and wow; so much has happen since we saw most of you at AMR. We had our summer cruise and that was so much fun. There was never a dull moment and it was an amazing experience (one I personally will never be able to forget). For 10 days we cruised around the island of Oahu stopping at 5 beautiful bays/docks.

Shortly after summer cruise it back to school for all of crew. School starting means 2 things for Decisive: 1. We have to balance school, family, work and, Sea Scouts; and 2. Petty officer elections.

So now back in class and with new leader ship positions means we had to learn one more thing than our peers; how to be a leader. That weekend we had quarterdeck training or petty officer academy as we call it, we stayed on our boat for the weekend and learned so many things about how to be a leader people want follow and are willing to listen to.

Aloha2During petty officer academy we got a chance to take a break and help the surf rider company by use in our 16 foot luxury fishing vessel to help pull in a fishing buoy that had broken it’s mooring line and drifted on the rocks by a near by beach.


Two weeks later we embarked on our Labor Day cruise and our bring a friend cruise. Our yeoman didn’t know whether to call it Labor Day cruise or bring a friend cruise so she asked our JO and he said “Labor your friends cruise”. And what a blast that was we saw dolphins every on the cruise one of the JO’s and one of our crew members actually got to touch a wild dolphin.


Two weeks later we met up again to go skurfing (surfing but being towed by a boat) and tubing. It was so much fun some of the crew got sunburned but everyone had so much fun playing in and on the water.


Shortly after this event our skipper went to visit our XO and active duty coast guard in Kodak, Alaska. Skipper being gone doesn’t stop decisive from having fun! We met up with our local Venturing Crew and went zip lining. It was such a adrenaline filled experience to be zipping over tall trees and small rivers knowing that the only thing keeping you safe was a piece of rope. ( sadly I couldn’t find a good picture) next we had Rank Advancement Weekend, RAW for short, and all of our crew is so close to advancing is scary.

I bet you’re thinking wow they did all of this? We sure did and I’m still not caught up. We went skurfing and tubing again in celebration of a shipmate visiting us from Arizona. Just like before it was fun but this time we closed the day with a bonfire on the beach and enjoying each others company and conversation.

Aloha7After this we had a few recruiting events and of course our regular meetings. we have so fun together and we always make so many memories, that our crew will keep for their lifetimes and with so much more in store for the future its hard to not be excited so until next time.


S.S.S. Decisive

Brittany M

Ships’ Yeoman


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  1. BRAVO ZULU to the SSS Decisive for thier active program. It was wonderful to hear about your activities.

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