20th Anniversary of Safety @ Sea

Safety @ Sea was started in San Francisco in 1993. Dedicated Sea Scout leaders had the goal of providing hands-on maritime safety instruction for Sea Scouts. Safety @ Sea weekends have now been held in Hawaii, Texas, Baltimore and San Diego.

The 20th Safety @ Sea was actually the 21st time it has been held. The event was originally held in February. We moved S@S to October after one very stormy winter, which resulted in the event being held twice in one year.

We had perfect weather for Safety @ Sea 2013. Sea Scouts enjoyed training stations learning pipe patching, flare launching, fire fighting, survival suit training and how to rig a tow line between boats. Every Sea Scout had been drenched several times before the day was over.


A mid-afternoon ice cream sandwich break brought smiles to Sea Scouts and Coasties alike. We catered Outback Steakhouse for dinner and fed everyone in about one hour.

Dedicated volunteers worked very hard at the training stations and in the galley for all of the Sea Scout attendees. We look forward to our continued service to youth for Safety @ Sea 2014.



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