Sea Scout Exhibit at the Boy Scout Museum

The National Scout Museum in Irving, Texas celebrates Sea Scouts in several exhibits. I always walk through the Museum before the National Sea Scout Committee meeting as a reminder of why I volunteer as a Sea Scout.

Here are the highlights:


The historical timeline of the Boy Scouts highlights our founding.



The uniform collection includes a Sea Scout uniform, with post World War II patches, that honor the Sea Scout Ship Kansan.


The First 40 Years

The BSA Museum added a Explorer Exhibit including treasures of Sea Scouting for our Centennial.

The most notable was the 1939 Log for the Sea Scout Ship Kansan. For those not familiar with the Kansan, she was the most successful ship in our history.  The Kansan was National Flagship twice, one as the honorary Flagship and produced a large number of Eagle Scouts and Quartermasters. The Skipper was William Menninger, famous in Sea Scouts for the 1939 Handbook for Skippers and founding the Menninger Foundation.


The New Century

The Exploring exhibit on Sea Scouts contains an unintended warning: Sea Scout history shares the same space as the Air Scouts.

We have a duty to ensure Sea Scouts grow in the years ahead and not become a memory relegated to a museum exhibit like the Air Scouts.


There has been a disturbing fact for the last four years: we have had an annual decline of 5% each year. The simple fact is our program has been shrinking. In the Western Region alone our numbers have declined by 10% between June 2012 to June 2013.

It is time to take action and ownership of recruiting. I will be appointing a task force as part of our new Western Region Strategic plan to address recruiting and retention. Our theme for the coming year is growth.

If you would like to help, please contact me using the form below.


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