Sail Westward: New Western Region Commodore

Dear Western Region Sea Scouts and Boy Scouts,

I look forward to serving as your Regional Commodore. I want to thank Glen Meskimen for his extremely hard work in uniting the Region for the first time in over 40 years.

About My Time in Sea Scouts

I grew up on the SSS Gryphon in Redwood City, California. My first meeting was on February 12, 1991. My Quartermaster was approved by National on February 14, 1994.

I am on the National Sea Scout Support Committee as the Chairman for Boy Scout Council Development Task Force. In 2012, I chaired the Sea Scout Centennial Task Force. I am also on the Executive Board for the Pacific Skyline Council. I served as the chairman of the Ancient Mariner Regatta on the USS Hornet in 2007 and from 2011 to 2013. I have been heavily involved in the Safety @ Sea Weekend since 1997.

I attended Seabadge in 2000 and have been awarded the District Award of Merit, the Venturing Leadership Award and the Silver Beaver.

Second Star on the Right

We have a bright future. There are at least 3 million youth eligible to be Sea Scouts in the Western United States. Our potential customer base is virtually unlimited given the approximate 2,000 Sea Scouts currently in our Region.

Our Regional professionals and volunteers want to see Sea Scouts grow. My immediate goals are to recruit volunteers, develop program support materials and deliver resources on our YouTube “sailwestward.”

I am reaching out to alumni in education, marketing/communication and the maritime industries for help. If you know of any alumni who would like to help for specific projects, but do not have the time to volunteer with a ship, please contact me in the form below.

One friend who is a Cub Scout parent and is an executive in a court-reporting firm has agreed to be the copy editor for our white papers. Another Sea Scout leader who is a high school teacher will put together a lesson plan on Ordinary Piloting for Skippers and Mates. My goal is to have at least one white paper or YouTube resource a month. Please let me know if you would like to help.

Finding Where We Need Help

We have a very diverse Region. We have many challenges that are different, but also many overlapping issues. In order to help determine where we have the greatest need for support, please fill out this form and share your experiences:

This information will be shared with the Regional President, Regional Direction and used for planning.

The Regional Calendar

I strongly believe in program. I encourage everyone to use the calendar on to list your upcoming activities.

I would like to visit all 6 Areas in the future. I am very interested in seeing regular meetings, whether they are weeknight landship ceremonies, work parties or day cruises. If there is a good time of year to see your program in action, please let me know.

I want to recognize new Quartermasters in our Region. Please let me know the dates of any Bridge of Honor. I will do my best to attend.

Summer Cruise Sea Stories

I would love to hear from everyone on their summer cruises. Please feel share your summer activities on the following link: I will include them in my Regional report at the National Meeting.

Sail Westward

The West is historical known for hope and opportunity. From Montana to Silicon Valley, we are known for building our own future. I am committed to seeing our numbers increase and look forward to the days ahead.

Red skies,

Joshua Gilliland
Western Region Commodore


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