Western Region Venturing

2013RegionPresidentGreetings Western Region Sea Scouts! My name is Jillian Infusino and I am the 2013-2014 Western Region Venturing President. Matt, your Region Boatswain, has invited me to introduce myself and my team on your blog. I just wanted to say that I am so excited for this term and I am especially looking forward to working with the Sea Scout program to build a lasting partnership between Sea Scouts and Venturing here in the Western Region!  Both Matt and I feel that it is important to establish this partnership and work together since many Venturers are dual registered as Sea Scouts and vice versa and some proudly call themselves “Mud Scouts”. I invite you to contact the Area Venturing President from your Area and talk to them about how you can form this partnership at the Area level, while Matt and I work on the relationship at the Region level. You can also contact any of the Region Vice Presidents or myself at any time if you have any questions or if you just want to say hi and introduce yourself!

Area 1: Andre Giacalone area1-president@wrventuring-bsa.org

Area 2: Bailey Peterson area2-president@wrventuring-bsa.org

Area 3: Edward Abraham area3-president@wrventuring-bsa.org

Area 4: Miranda Hernandez area4-president@wrventuring-bsa.org

Area 5: No VOA yet, but there is a contact person area5-president@wrventuring-bsa.org

Area 6: Shannon Mulligan area6-president@wrventuring-bsa.org

Vice President of Communication: Zach Frost vpcomms@wrventuring-bsa.org

Vice President of Administration: Amanda Clark vpadmin@wrventuring-bsa.org

Vice President of Program: Jeremy Felty vpprgm@wrventuring-bsa.org

President: Jillian Infusino president@wrventuring-bsa.org

Here is a map of the Western Region below


I also invite you to check out our website to find the latest news in Western Region Venturing. www.wrventuring-bsa.org  We want to promote your activities for you!  If you have any activity that would welcome Venturers from beyond your council, please submit the event to our calendar page and we’ll help you to promote it.

Please let me or anyone on my cabinet know if there is anything we can do to help you out. We are all so excited to be working with you all and serving our fellow youth in the Western Region. Let’s show the rest of the regions that “West is Best”!

Yours in Venturing,

Jillian Infusino


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