Signing on as the 2013-2014 Western Region Boatswain

Hello everybody, I am Matthew Gorman


Many of you may have known me as the previous Western Region Boatswain’s Mate. I am a Sea Scout from down in southern California. Although I am going to be attending Cal-Maritime in the fall so I will be up in the Bay Area for most of the upcoming year.  As many of you know Parker Smith has done a wonderful job but has now signed off. I am the new Western Region Boatswain and will be picking up where Parker left off. This year I will be continuing a lot of the projects that Parker has started and beginning new ones. So stay in tune for what is coming up this next year. Also so everyone knows if they would like to contact me my email is Just say hello or if you have ideas about something that you think the region should do, contact me. I am also on Facebook a majority of my down time.

See all of you around.





Matthew Gorman

Western Region Boatswain


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