65th Old Salt’s Regatta: A rumble in Redwood City

The Old Salts’ Regatta was a huge success this year and I know my Crew enjoyed it thoroughly. As always our Crew cruises to Redwood City on Friday night so we’re there in the morning. Cruising to regattas is always great because we get the opportunity to work on rank and advancement during regatta season.  It was a pretty relaxed cruise and we all had a good time. We tied up outboard the Liberty at around 0015 so we got more sleep than we hoped for!

Saturday morning we woke up for some early training and planning and then headed to the warehouse for some great morning chow and the regatta brief. As soon as we could we set out and started our events. First off was heaving line where we got to try out our new chants. The whole day was then an all out battle over what crew had the best chants. Tiki Too won it and earned the sportsmanship trophy. Before we knew it events closed and it was time for lunch where we could barely eat because we were so pumped up.

Tiki Too’s Bos’n, Sam Morine, accepts the Commodore Joe Bjorkman Sportsmanship Award.

Once we finished lunch it was time for what we had trained so hard for. Scuttlebutt! The first run went by like a breeze and on the second run we took it easy so that we could set up for our third. On our third run nothing seemed special until our cox’n, Don, started shouting 30 seconds and told us to break it down. That’s when our crew had the longest fifteen seconds of our lives to finish the run.

The Crew of the Makai keeps it sharp to take 1st place in Drill.

Afterwards we took on drill and breeches buoy. We then finished the day with marlinspike and radio. After events closed it was time for scuttle off. A lot of the crews, including us, struggled in scuttle off and the best time was the Challenger’s great 51 seconds.

The Crew of the Challenger gets ready to throw down for Scuttleoff in style!

That evening it was time for the dance and I know it was one of the best my Crew has been to. Some of my Crew wasn’t sure about going but as soon as the got out on the floor they had a great time. The next morning it was regatta relay and we were all pumped up for that too. We did pretty well but the Northland made it and took the relay. After changing into our blues at the speed of sound we got ready for awards where we got recognized for our hard work. We earned many high placings, and although we didn’t earn any extra laurels my Crew was proud to receive our awards and pose for our pictures.

The Crew of the Northland takes home the Regatta Relay trophy for 2013.

The cruise back was pretty quick and relaxed, but when we got back to Brisbane a few of us stayed behind. We finished of the day by helping Mr. Trujillo get his pilot’s license. For me it was a perfect weekend and I know most of the crews could say the same.



Noel Sweet

Stbd. Crew Ldr, S.S.S. Makai


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