Plotting a course to A.M.R.


The Ancient Mariner Regatta takes place every Memorial Day weekend (5/24/13-5/27/13 are this year’s dates) in Northern California. Ships from all over the Bay Area, Southern California, and as of late several other states attend to compete. For many Ships going to A.M.R. is a trivial planning process; something automatically accomplished and repeated yearly. For others the thought of traveling to Northern California seems daunting. However, there are a few clear steps that can be planned out so that any Ship, regardless of location, can attend A.M.R.

Crew Interest:  

First and foremost does the Crew want to go? Make sure the Crew is aware of the benefits of attending such an event. Testing their skills, a unique experience, and the chance to socialize with Ships from many different communities are all great reasons to attend A.M.R. If the Crew is unfamiliar with the event provide material from AncientMariner.US or the Ancient Mariner Regatta Facebook group. They will see other youth with determined faces during competition and big smiles during the social hours or awards ceremony.

Adult Leadership:

As with any event can we provide the required adult leadership to make this trip possible? Memorial Day weekend can make it a little easier since most companies provide that day off. Take a look at your calendars. It is encouraged that as many adults from a Ship as possible attend to both gain experience and help the Regatta operate.


What are your travel options?

Can this be accomplished by personal vehicles?

Are there other Ships near you that are going to attend that you could share the cost of charter transportation with?

Is an airline flight necessary?

What is your return timeline?

All of these questions and more are necessary. Large travel costs can be a deterrent to many Ships, but there are several ways to mitigate that factor. Donated airline miles,  service club donations, fundraising ahead of time, and anything else you can think of will help make A.M.R. more than a dream.


Currently AncientMariner.US has preregistration for the event open. If you plan on attending you should do this as soon as possible. This will cover necessary information such as number of youth/adults, medical or dietary specific needs, berthing arrangements, etc.

Required Forms:

A.M.R. has both medical and talent release forms that are required for the event. In addition to that you will need a Tour Plan approved by your Council.

Event Cost:

Like anything else A.M.R. has an attendance cost per Ship and per individual Scout. This can also impact how many Crew you can get to attend. The cost is $75 per Ship and $75 per individual. Fundraising or donations can also be a solution here.

A.M.R. Boarding Guide:

The A.M.R. BAMRoarding Guide is a booklet that covers all the rules, requirements, and events of the Ancient Mariner Regatta.

All Ships (not just first time attendees) should be familiar with the current year’s version.

If it is your first year this will help you by showing the event plan of the day for each day, give a list of requirements for the Crew (ie. Bos’n meetings, awards ceremony, service watch, etc.), and requirements of adults (ie. judging assignments, check in process, etc.).

With this you can also plan your training for the competition events of the regatta.

Getting Underway:

These 7 steps will help guide you to success in planning your Ship’s logistics to get to the Ancient Mariner Regatta. I hope to see many new faces this year as we get ready for our 61st year of competition, Scouting, and fun!



Chief Judge

Ancient Mariner Regatta


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