Recruiting, A Family Matter

Sea Scouts, being one of the best kept secrets of the Boy Scouting world, not only requires to be looked at in a different light but it requires different techniques for recruiting and supporting this ever so active and diverse program. Sea Scouts, being as dynamic as it is, not only needs the support of their adult officers, but family as well to keep it going.

Each Sea Scout unit has its own unique way of recruiting and in many cases it is successful for these programs, but one method that reaches farthest into the community and beyond that is having the involvement of family members. Our primary way of recruiting revolves around family oriented events. Simple things like crab feed dinners or days where the kids can show to their families what they’ve learned really helps involve the family and give them an idea about what goes on in the program. When parents are informed of their child’s progress more likely than not, they want to be able to contribute to that. It is my personal experience that the more family is involved the richer scouting becomes because not only does it have the officer support on the inside but it has the help of family on the outside. Many tight knit families and parents who are overly supportive go out of their way to enrich their kid’s life, and if that means aiding the program in events or other functions that’s what they’ll do. It’s is incredible what can get done with the help of the youths family members. Although not all parents are involved in these programs we find ways to gain their support and involvement. For my program it is required that all parents donate some of their time to activities. I think that this especially helps because it in a way makes the parents get involved in their kids’ lives and in the programs as well. Things like helping host events or making dinner for the kids on especially long weekends makes all the difference.

From the kids to their families and from the families to the community, the amount of incoming support as well as getting word out about the program is unthinkable, and when word gets to the community, the more of an influx of interested youth there are coming in.

Sam – Boatswain SSS Albatross


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