Sabrina Flood-Wylie Appointed AMR Regatta Boatswain

AMR LogoSabrina Flood-Wylie of the SSS Morning Star has been appointed the 2013 Ancient Mariner Regatta Boatswain.

Sabrina’s responsibilities will include supporting event operations and staff requesting her assistance; being a resource for Sea Scout Boatswains who have not attended the Ancient Mariner Regatta before; organizing the Multi-Ship & State Color Guard for the Awards Ceremony; and many other responsibilities required for a successful regatta.

Ms. Flood-Wylie will act on behalf of the Regatta Chairman as an ambassador to Sea Scout Boatswains from California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Arizona, who may have questions on how to prepare for the Ancient Mariner Regatta. We want every Sea Scout Ship to enjoy the Regatta and “be prepared” for a weekend of competition.


Sabrina stated the following on her Regatta Boatswain application:

I want to be the Regatta Boatswain because I believe AMR is a truly special event that unites Scouts from all over the country, and with just the right mix of tradition, respect for our country and our organization, and good old fashioned competition, it demands nothing less than these Scouts’ very best. I learned valuable lessons about teamwork, respect, decorum, in addition to all of the practical knowledge and skills that are required of a sea scout at AMR. And I would love nothing more than to be even a small part of the team that works so tirelessly every year to make AMR the unique and eye opening weekend that it was for my freshman self and has continued to be every year after.

Ms. Flood-Wylie is an Ordinary Sea Scout, has earned Girl Scout Silver Award and is an active member of her community, whether at college or home. Sabrina’s dedication to the Regatta is greatly appreciate and we look forward to the 61st Ancient Mariner Regatta.

Josh Gilliland

Ancient Mariner Regatta Chairman


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