Bill of Rights

Hi i am Hope Gorman and this is my adventure with the SSS Morning star on the Tall Ship Bill of Rights.


June 20  Today we learned ship, shipmate, self. Today we are going to cruise to Santa Cruz island. There wasn’t enough wind so we didn’t get to put up the sails but it is okay. That night we sang songs after dinner. Sea shanties and girl scout songs with Morning Star. Katz played her guitar and played a special song for us. We slept on deck that night.
June 21 We had pancakes for breakfast. Frankie, Sammy and Mary made a mancake. After that we put up the main sail. Katz gave us a lot of work. Today I learned that the handles on the helm are called spooks. Then we went on a hike on Santa Cruz island, which is a national park.There we had sandwiches for lunch. It’s such beautiful the island. It used to grow wine, and cotton. That afternoon we went snorkeling. We got in wet suits and jumped in. When we were snorkeling we saw an awesome schooner ship wreck! Then we all had a chance to jump off the bow. That night we had lasagna. Then I had watch from 9 until 12. Amanda had the watch after me. On watch I plotted a course, did boat check and was on the helm. Boat check was you had to check all the heads, and all the bilges. My next watch was from 6-9 am.
June 22 We are on the back side of Catalina. You can see Anacapa island. Today our task was doing bagwrinkles. First time doing those. You take old pieces of line that can’t be used anymore and tie them to two lines on either side of the gaff sail. Bagwrinkles are used as chaffing gear for the sail. We worked on stuff for ordinary. Then we got a chance to climb the shrouds. We put on our harness and went up rung by rung. I was really nervous because the boat was pitching. After that we set anchor and went on the row boat. Yesterday we cranked the windless. I figured out that they have a Bruce anchor.
June 23  Today we had oatmeal for breakfast. We pulled up anchor and it was not easy. The crew is really awesome and relaxed. It is interesting to hear about their life and how they live aboard 24/7! I thought that was so cool I would love to live aboard 24/7. In the galley they put all of the ten Bill of Rights on note cards to study them. I thought that was pretty cool. First Amendment: Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the press, the right to assemble, the right to petition government.
Second Amendment: The right to form a militia and to keep and bear arms.
Third Amendment: The right not to have soldiers in one’s home.
Fourth Amendment: Protection against unreasonable search and seizure.
Fifth Amendment: No one can be tried for a serious crime unless indicted (accused) by a grand jury. No one can be forced to testify against herself or himself. No one can be punished without due process of law. People must be paid for property taken for public use.
Sixth Amendment: People have a right to a speedy trial, to legal counsel, and to confront their accusers.
Seventh Amendment: People have the right to a jury trial in civil suits
Eighth Amendment: Protection against excessive bail (money to release a person from jail), stiff fines, and cruel and unusual punishment.
Ninth Amendment: Because there are so many basic human rights, not all of them could be listed in the Constitution. This amendment means that the rights that are enumerated cannot infringe upon rights that are not listed in the Constitution.
Tenth Amendment: Powers not given to the federal government by the Constitution belong to the states or the people.

It was an awesome trip.

If you would like to look them up or see where they sail, here is the contact info.

American Tall Ship Institute

3600 Harbor Blvd.

Oxnard, CA 93035

Hope Gorman


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