Council Boatswains for Area 3

As Area 3 Boatswain, one of the first tasks I took on was getting Council Boatswains in every Council. At Safety at Sea: Yerba Buena Island the applications were handed out to all the Boatswains at the Boatswains Meeting and are available to download here. One of the questions asked was what the purpose of the Council Boatswain is. There are a couple of ways to answer this. The easiest answer would be the job description, which is the front page of the application. However, this job description explains more the duties and not the actual purpose. The purpose of the Council Boatswain must be broken into two parts Area and Council.

First, the Council Boatswain is needed to help the Area keep in touch with the needs of different ships in different Councils. Obviously it would be extremely difficult for the area to keep in touch with the wants and needs of each individual Council, so the Council Boatswains will report to the area once a month telling us where they want help and where they feel they are doing well.This will allow each council and the Area to grow their program in all aspects. Second, the Council Boatswain will help the ships in their Council develop their program to its fullest. In the same way that the Area is helping the Councils grow the Councils will assist their ships grow their program. How the Council Boatswain achieves this is up to them and their Commodore.

If you have any questions use the form below.

Isaac James

Area 3 Boatswain


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