What I’ve been up to

I started out this year with a few goals. I have had varying levels of success for each one, but altogether progress has been good. The three big things I have been working are a regional Sea Scout blog, getting in touch with every ship in the region, and getting Area and Council level youth leaders to exist throughout the region.

Setting up the blog was probably the easiest thing I have done so far. It took myself and an adult leader a couple hours to get the blog itself started. Over the past 7 months I have been filling it with articles. Some of the articles are written by me, while others are written by ships. There is a huge variety of content. Everything from recruiting tips, to event reviews, to reports about awesome cruises that ships have gone on. It has been very interesting to see what all has caught people’s interest.

I am the first Regional Boatswain that the Western Region has ever had. Due to that a lot of people don’t even know that I exist. I made it my priority to make contact with every ship in the region. I have been talking to people to see what I can do to help them. I have had a fair amount of success in that. I’ve been able to talk to almost 40% of the ships in the region. Now saying that if your ship has not gotten in touch with me send me an email saying hi, I love to meet new people.

My last goal has been the hardest to accomplish. Around the Region there are very few youth leaders working at the Council and Area level. I have been working to get people into those positions. Area Boatswains are now the norm, not the exception, and very soon most councils will have youth leaders of their own.

I have also gotten the opportunity to visit a couple events that I didn’t even know existed before. You can find articles about my visits on the West Wind. There are some pretty awesome events out there.

I have had a lot of fun these last ten months, and I fully expect to continue having a lot of success over the next eight months.

Parker Smith,
Western Region Boatswain


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