Summer Cruise Aboard the Albatross

In the beginning of August the Albatross went on their annual summer cruise. This year though, the Sea Witch was aboard the ship with them. They cruised for eight days together.

On Sunday morning they left the Martinez marina and headed for Old Sacramento. Along the way, the two crews spent time getting to know each other some more. It took them the entire day to get to Old Sacramento, and they arrived Sunday night. The next day they had liberty. As they explored Old Sacramento they found various stores to shop in.

Some of them also went down to the beach to swim and relax on the sand. Some of the local restaurants and eateries gave the crews a chance to have meals like fish and chips or crab pots. Later on the Viking and Corsair arrived at the docks. The four ships socialized a bit while they were there. As night started to fall they were able to see many shooting stars from the meteor shower. The next morning it was time to head out as it would be another day cruise.

This time they were on their way to Windmill Cove. They had another day of fun cruising, and tied up to the Challenger in the afternoon. That evening some of the crew enjoyed tacos at the little eatery by the docks. Swimming and playing on the beach was a good way for them to wind down as the day ended. After they made sure the ship was clean, they had another day of liberty. Zodiacs, canoes, kayaks, and even body boards were all taken out. The beach provided a place to spend the day and socialize with the Tradewind. Even more friends were made while at the beach. As night began to fall, a game of volleyball was started and did not end until much later. Reveille came and went and they packed everything up and went on their way for West Gate. This time it only took a few hours to cruise to their destination. When they got there, there were already some ships there.

Zodiacs, kayaks, canoes, and body boards were all taken out again. It was very hot and they swam often to keep cool. During one of the nights at West Gate, many of the crews got together to play a game of Capture the Flag. Many of the Sea Witch and Albatross crew members got things signed off for rank advancement. Most of a Small Boat Handler’s course was taught by the youth who had received theirs the previous year, and they also helped with the practical portion. Many of the crew who took the course passed. Some of the crew tried for their Mile Swim, most that tried succeeded.

As the weekend came to an end, many of the crews had made more friends from other ships. The Albatross and Sea Witch had had lots of fun but it was time to head home. The cruise took most of the day, and at the end they got together for one last picture. They had a great time and all went home to get some much needed sleep after a week of fun and adventure.

Makayla Ferrari – SSS Albatross


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