Koch Cup Day 6, the Final Day

The last day of Koch Cup was very interesting. The competition level ratcheted up a few notches, and by the end of the day even the race committee didn’t know who was going to win. The wind also decided to ratchet it’s level up a few knots too. That caused some vicious waves that took out any boat caught off guard.

After the racing everyone pitched in to help put all the boats away. We had to take the masts off the most of the boats and load all the gear onto the trailers for the trek back to Stanford.

Once the Stanford boats were packed up, and the Cal Maritime boats were washed down and secured everyone went back to the dorms for showers and to change before the awards ceremony.

The dinner served was very good. It was a build your own burrito thing. We had two very interesting speakers. One was Tom Ehman from the America’s Cup, and the other was Vice Admiral Paul F. Zukunft of the US Coast Guard. Tom Ehman gave a great overview of some of the changes in America’s Cup racing that are happening right now. He had some great videos of boats flying through the water, and people getting wet. The Vice Admiral gave a interesting presentation highlighting a few of the lesser known missions of the Coast Guard.

After a rather lot of presentations and speeches we finally got to the awards part of the Awards Dinner. For the Kiwi Fleet Luke Allen and Laura Martin of England took third, Henrique Affolter and Gabriel Santos of Brazil took second, and Matthew Rozario and Colin Bartels of Everett, WA took first place. In the Koch Fleet Niklas Kirkkomaki and Zacharias Still from Finland took third place. The New Zealand team of Mike Anderson and Amanda Norris beat them by 1 point to take second place. Finally Jack Donnell and Brooke Stinson of Newport Beach, CA lead New Zealand by two points to take first place.

For pictures of the racing, and to see the official results, go to seascoutcup.org.

Parker Smith,
Western Region Boatswain


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