William I. Koch Sea Scout Cup Day 5


Today was Day 5 of the William I. Koch Sea Scout Cup. The racing today got pretty competitive, all the racers were working hard. In the morning the Kiwi fleet went out and 8 races with wind speed around 14knots. Each race challenged the crew’s abilities, even the most experienced had a few surprises. During lunch we received some jelly beans for all of the racers, and with the jelly beans came jelly bean hats.

Late afternoon the Koch fleet went out into the afternoon breeze. At around 16knots the Koch fleet raced around the course bringing excitement to all the spectators. During the race there was multiple crews who capsized and even someone who de-masted.  Fortunately there were a couple boats set aside and all the races went on. At the end of the races the crews came back soaking wet from the day out on the water.

After a hard day on the water, the crews were able to get some free time. All scouts know that free time means the energy level increases. The scouts are having fun playing ping pong, cards, and even trading patches. The crews are now awaiting the results from today’s race. They all are excited, some are even talking about strategies for the final races tomorrow.

Matthew Gorman

Western Region Boatswain’s Mate



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