Koch Cup Day 4

Today was a really fun day. It was the first day of racing to compete for the cups. Both the Koch and the Kiwi fleets got to sail three races each. The competition was very stiff, as was the wind and current. Everyone sailed their hardest knowing that any mistake would cost them everything they had worked so hard to achieve.

After the racing everyone got the chance to take a tour of the campus. The California Maritime Academy has a few really cool things on its campus. One is the simulators. These simulators can put  you on the bridge of many different kinds of boats ranging from huge super tankers down to small power vessels. They are so realistic that people have been known to get sea sick in them. The school also has several labs and a welding shop that allow students to test out concepts they are being taught, and build new things. The biggest thing this school has going for it though is the Training Ship Golden Bear.

The Golden Bear is a 500 ft ex navy vessel. Students use it extensively as a  training platform, and every student takes a cruise aboard the ship at some point during their time at the college.

Everyone had fun today, and is looking toward tomorrow with excitement and trepidation because this will be our first full day of racing. It will be a long day, but should be pretty awesome if the wind keeps up.

Parker Smith,
Western Region Boatswain


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