Day 2 of the Koch Cup

Today was Day 2 of the William I. Koch Sea Scout Cup. We had some cool things happen today. First off we started the day in our dress uniforms and went down to the flag pole shortly before 0800. The colors/opening ceremony was very nice. The National Boatswain rang 8 bells at the proper time, and all the flags went up in unison. Once the flags were secured all eight National Anthems were played. The President of the California Maritime Academy then treated us to a speech.

After colors we had a good breakfast then split up for swim checks and sailing practice. The winds were rather strong, and several boats capsized, a few even turtled spectacularly. Everyone got a chance to get some time on the water and in the boats.

The practice was very good because the wind was ranging from 18-25 knots, and there was 2+ ft wind waves. It was a little difficult to get out of the harbor because the wind is very shifty there. It would go from nothing in one direction to 18 knots from a completely different direction, then it would jump back full on in the original direction. It was difficult, but a lot of fun.

This evening we got to see an awesome presentation by two members of team Oracle. They talked about what it is like to race both the old and new America’s Cup boats. One of them had been racing America’s Cup boats for like 10 years.

Tomorrow we will be racing to decide who is going to the Koch Fleet, and who is going to compete in the Kiwi Fleet.

Wish all the competitors luck, and check back tomorrow for more highlights.

Parker Smith,
Western Region Boatswain


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