Area Boatswain Application Now Available!

The Area Boatswain Nomination form is now out! The deadline is July 31st August 15th, so turn it in soon if you are interested in this position.

Mission: The Area Boatswain shall serve as a full member on the Area Commodore’s staff. He or she shall serve as the principal youth representative for Sea Scouts, BSA in the Area and shall assist as such in as many areas of program, policy implementation, and decision making as may be practical, given the constraints of time and distance.

Basic Requirements for Appointment: For consideration of appointment to the position of Area Boatswain, the candidate shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be a current or past Ship’s Boatswain; or a current or past wardroom officer of the Regional Fleet (Region)/Flotilla (Area)/or Squadron (Council); or a member of the ship quarterdeck; or a current or past officer of a Teen Leaders’ Council of the Region/Area/Council/or District.
  2. Be Ordinary Rank or above.
  3. Be recommended and approved by his or her council.
  4. Be a current primary registered Sea Scout in his or her council. Must be a registered youth in Sea Scouts during their complete term of office.
  5. Be able to attend the BSA Area Meetings as requested.

Term of Office: The Area Sea Scout Boatswain will serve from August of 2012 through July 31 of 2013.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Area Boatswain represents all Sea Scouts of the Area and therefore needs to express the needs, ideas, and concerns of the various types of programs that may be present in his/her Area. To facilitate this, the Boatswain is expected to communicate with the youth of the various ships in their Area. In general, the Boatswain will:

  1. Represent Sea Scouts in general and the Sea Scouts of the Area at such National, Regional, Area, and council meetings and activities as he or she may be requested to attend.
  2. Represent Sea Scouts in general and the Sea Scouts of his/her Area in particular on any special project committee the he or she be requested to serve on in the capacity as Area Boatswain.
  3. Assist with the development and support of programs designed by the Area and the Western Region for Sea Scouts, BSA.
  4. Assist the Area committees with their Sea Scout activities when requested.
  5. Assist the Area, and Western Region, in any efforts to train council or ship youth and/or adult leaders.
  6. Perform the ceremonial role of Boatswain when such is required at Area events.
  7. Work with any such other Scout or Venturing youth representatives at the Area or the Region level for the purpose of fostering a cooperative relationship between Sea Scouts, BSA and those other Venturing and Scouting programs.
  8. Foster communication between ships in your Area by assisting in the production of publications and Area Internet resources.
  9. Meet monthly with the Western Region Boatswain, and the other Area Boatswains.

If you have any questions about the position send me an email at

Parker Smith,
Western Region Boatswain


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