Centennial Awards

There are a couple Centennial Awards/electives that can only be earned this year. The first is the Centennial Gold Award. This is a special pin that can be worn on dress uniforms if you earn it. There are also some special electives for each rank that can be completed this year.

The Centennial Gold Award can be earned by both youth and adults. Scouts must complete 8 requirements to earn the award. Each requirement embodies a different part of the 4S’s of Sea Scouting.  Adult leaders and volunteers may qualify as well if their ship has 50% of their registered Sea Scouts advance to the next rank and they provide support in organizing all of the 4 S requirements for their Sea Scouts.

Centennial Gold Award

In addition to the Centennial Gold Award scouts may choose to complete certain electives for their rank advancement. These electives  are throwbacks to bygone days. They were all inspired by the 1940s and 1950s Sea Scout Manuals. They require a some hands on work, but seem really cool. For instance, one of the Ordinary electives entails making a ditty bag; and the Quartermaster requirement entails making a model of a Ship, Bark, Barkentine, Brig, Brigantine, or Topsail Schooner. These requirements can only be earned during 2012, so act fast if you want to earn them.

Sea Scouts can meet the “Seamanship” Cardinal Point of Gold Sea Scout Centennial Award with these electives.

Parker Smith,
Western Region Boatswain


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