RAW Success!

Sometimes, meetings just aren’t enough. There is always so much to do! So, to get a good grip on our rank advancement, my ship decided to hold RAW, Rank Advancement weekend. We stayed on our boat for the whole weekend, but we didn’t leave the harbor. Instead, we focused on one goal: advancing in rank.

My ship has a great relationship with the Coasties stationed on Kauai. They are so nice and knowledgable. We were lucky enough that they agreed to help us. So, on Friday night, my ship gathered on SSS Decisive. By 8am the next morning, we were standing in front of the Coast Guard Station, in uniform, ready for morning colors, and our weekend began.

We had lessons on things like safety procedures all the way to line whipping. We were professional, polite, and hungry for knowledge. Everyone learned so much.  Most importantly, they acquired knowledge that they needed to advance in rank.

By the end of the weekend, it was decided that RAW had been a success.  I highly recommend you try it on your ship.  If you need help or have any questions, post a comment.

Best of luck with your training,


P.S. This is actually a picture from our summer cruise. Although it’s not from RAW, it’s a pretty good idea of the friendship we have on our ship. We were so busy during RAW that, silly us, no-one took any pictures. That’s a good lesson for everyone, always assign a photographer for important events!


Go Sea Scouts!


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