How to Set the Hook

Now you have kidnapped one of your friends and brought them to a meeting, or some random person saw an article about your ship in the newspaper and showed up. What do you do with these people? Well the first thing you do is assign your friendliest crew member to be that person’s buddy for the night. If the new person already knows someone on the crew then you have a ready made buddy. This crew member’s job is to introduce the new person to the the crew, the program, and to get some contact info for that new person. You want to make sure that when they leave you have a way of getting in contact with them again.

I suggest putting together a packet to give to the new person. This packet should include an application, information about when your ship meets, contact info for whoever is in charge of talking to new people, and information about the upcoming events for the next month or so. The packet can also include information about buying uniforms and manuals, and anything else about your ship that someone with no clue should know.

There you have it. If your meetings are not dull, and the crew isn’t trying to chase people off, you should start to have a slow trickle of new blood entering the crew.

If you have any questions either shoot me an email, or comment below. Good luck and happy recruiting.

Parker Smith,
Western Region Boatswain


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