How to Plan a Training Weekend

Planning a Training Weekend

To Plan/Set-up/Run a Training Weekend there are several things that need to be done. While planning it is a good idea to set deadlines for when things should be done so that you are not playing catch up at the end, you can also delegate jobs to other crew members so that they can help you.

1.) People: Find out what crews would be interested in training with you for a weekend.

2.) Location: Find a location suitable for the event (IE. Sea Base, Rendezvous point…etc.)

Once you have the people and the location for your event

3.) Is it going to be a one day event? Overnight?

A.) If it’s going to be overnight, do you have acceptable sleeping arrangements for all crew members? Make sure you are in compliance with all BSA policies, if needed, consult safe guide for scouting.

After you have the people, location and length of the event, it’s good to have person of contact for each crew or organization attending your event you’ll need this contact in order to call and update them about the event you are planning. It is best at this point to get a head count for all crew/groups attending the event. Now that you have a headcount, it’s time to make a food list/menu for shopping.

4.) Food/Menu’s: make sure you have enough food for your event, if you are running a 2 day event; you will need 2 breakfast/lunch/Dinner menus.

A.)Make sure you also account for people with special food needs (IE. Vegetarians, Food allergies…etc.)

B.)  It is also good idea for all crews to rotate through the galley so that one crew is not making all the meals

Gear/Inspection check: If the event if not close to where you live, make sure all crew members have the required gear to attend the event, it is best to make a check list and issue to crew a week or two before the event happens.

Now that all the Menus are made and the food is bought and everyone is attending it is now time for the event. For the rest of this we’ll say you are planning a “Regatta training” event.

6.) Make sure you have all gear available, if not see if you able to borrow it from another crew/unit/group.

7.) Plan for the weekend: if you are having several crews joining you at one time it is best to have a schedule for the weekend, so that all groups know when they can use gear and events are open for training. (IE certain time for drill or pulling boat)

8.) Instructors: If you have events that you are unsure about or have never run before, make sure that there are people who understand how the event is run and can help you run it in a safe manor.

Always remember to ask questions if you are not sure of something

Finally, now that you have done all this planning, put the plan into action and have fun.


Parker Smith,

Western Region Boatswain


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